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Sustainable & Socially Conscious

We are dedicated to sustainability and social responsibility, reimagining what can be created with recycled materials while supporting local communities through meaningful work opportunities, contributing to a brighter future for all.

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Mini Teak Charcuterie Board

Add flair to your table with our hand-painted Artis-teak charcuterie board. Matching serving spoons separately.

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Newspaper Art Picture Frames

Our best-selling newspaper picture frames for an eco-friendly, artistic display of your favorite photos or art, adding a natural touch to any room.

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Newspaper Woven Placemat

Our eco-friendly placemat, woven from recycled newspaper straws, offers a natural dining experience. Practical and unique, it's perfect for any occasion.

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We have an eye for unique. Our products are creative, stand out, and add color and character to your home.


The environment matters. We reimagine what can be created with recycled and unused materials. By upcycling these materials into usable goods, we help reduce waste and  carbon emissions.


We strive for equality. We are socially conscious and committed to supporting local communities. By providing meaningful work opportunities, we aim to uplift and empower individuals, contributing to a more equitable society and a brighter future for all.